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International Characters

Alphabet Lower Case Upper Case
Cyrillic (Russian) а, с, е, о, р, х, у А, В, С, Е, Н, І, Ј, К, М, О, Р, Ѕ, Т, Х
Cyrillic (Other) і, ј, ѕ, ԁ, һ, Ӏ, ѵ Ԍ, Ү, Ғ
Greek ο, ν Α, Β, Ε, Η, Ι, Κ, Μ, Ν, Ο, Ρ, Τ, Χ, Υ, Ζ
Armenian օ, ո, ս Տ, Լ
Hebrew ס ,ח ,וֹ

What is Script Spoofing?

Script Spoofing (also called "IDN homogonous attack") is the act of using a domain name that has visually similar character(s) to imitate another domain name. IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name.

Why should I be concerned about Script Spoofing?

Script Spoofing presents a high online security risk and can cause significant damage to individuals and companies. In the event that a virus is connected to the Script Spoofing, it can result in network-wide software issues and hardware failure. Moreover, if login credentials are compromised, other sensitive data can be compromised. Sensitive data can include personal data, financial data, client data, and company data. Bad actors may sell or use such data to steal identities and funds. In the cyber-world, there may not be any recourse for such loss.